Photography for social change: Jon Lowenstein documents the American immigrant

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TED Fellow Jon Lowenstein makes us look at the painful social issues that we may otherwise ignore through his bold photography. His project, “Shadow Lives, USA,” documents the journey of Mexicans and Central Americans migrating to the United States, recording their struggle as they reached American soil. The image above shows Gabriela Cruz — who grew up in Guerrero, Mexico, and has lived in the United States as an undocumented resident for 13 years — giving birth to her first American-born child in Cook County Hospital in Chicago. While Gabriela and her husband, Chava, have five children; the child in this photograph was the only born in the U.S.

It was announced today that Lowenstein has received the Audience Engagement Grant from the Open Society Documentary Photography Project. The Documentary Photography Project uses the medium of photography to expose human rights injustices against those most marginalized — with the…

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In Short: HIV’s potential to treat cancer, plus 20 powerful moments in human rights video

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Enjoy this sampling of the stories from around the internet that captured our interest this week:

Can a disabled form of HIV be used to fight cancer? A story in The New York Times delves into an experimental treatment.

Earlier this week, Markham Nolan shared how his team verifies videos from war-torn regions to make sure that they are legitimate. Because powerful footage can change how the world thinks. To see just how much, check out this list of 20 powerful moments human rights videos, compiled by Witness, the nonprofit dedicated to opening eyes to human rights abuses.

Graffiti may soon go 3D. PSFK shares the work of street artist James Cochran, who has developed a three-dimensional technique to be enjoyed with or without 3D glasses.

Mother Jones takes a look at the phenomenon of “extreme poverty,” families in the United States that survive on less than $2 per…

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Say Cheers to Our New WordPress Holiday Theme and Desktop Backgrounds

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We love our holiday traditions here at, and my favorite is teaming up every year with a talented artist to ring in the season WordPress-style with a festive illustration. This year’s edition was created by Australian illustrator Glenn Thomas, also known as The Fox and King.


Like in years past we’ve created desktop wallpapers from the art, but this year we took it one step further. Automattic’s Caroline Moore adapted the artwork into a new holiday theme called Cheer, available starting today on

Cheer Traditional

Cheer is a festive, textured theme in two color palettes, perfect for personal sites and blogs. Deck the halls with this cheeky little elf, then share your holiday photos and stories with friends and family.

Cheer Modern

You can read more about Cheer on the theme showcase, or preview it on your blog by going to Appearance -> Themes.


And as always, we’ve…

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